Friday, February 4, 2011

ID help needed - please comment!

G'day all

I photographed two birds today which I would like help with please. The location is Katoke about 40 km south of Bukoba. Habitat is grassy hillside with scattered shrubs (don't know the species I'm sorry).

The first I think is Singing Cisticola but I'm not happy with that conclusion - mostly because of the uniformly whitish underparts. The only call it gave was a harsh scolding possibly because we were too close to a nest or chicks. Trilling Cisticolas were calling nearby.

The second I initially called as a Plain-backed Pipit but - as normally happens - the more I look in the field guides the more confused I get with pipits. It seems quite grey on the head and back to me. It didn't seem to have much white in the tail when it flew.

I've also attached a picture of my first Weyns's Weaver from the same location today.

Hope you can help with my Cisticola and Pipit.

Steve Clark