Monday, December 21, 2009

Kilombero valley/ Ifakara waterbird count

Hi Neil,

Is there anybody familiar with the Kilombero valley/ Ifakara area - I am think a waterbird count on the 1st in that area?


Riaan Marais

Hi Riaan,
Several of us familiar with the Ifakara / Kilombero valley but no resident birders that I'm aware of. Wilbard, you are the only person I know actually working on birds in the valley these days. Please call Riaan on 0787-272818 if you want to join him on this count.

Trev, who's at the Udzungwa monitoring centre these days ? name and contact phone number please, they might be interested in joining Riaan.

Riaan, some counting can be done from high points but really this count needs boats along the river and this can be tough as one cannot see above the bank. However even a few kms either side of the ferry / bridge at Kivokoni would be useful. Upstream more important than downstream, if the latter you will need clearance from Wildlife Division to reach as far as Boma Ulanga ranger post where Pel's Fishing Owl is well worth looking for. If you want to do this then let me know and we will liaise with WD for permissions. Might be more rewarding to count past the ranger post into the Selous than to return and then go upstream from Kivokoni.

Will you have 2 days available ?

If water levels low then White-headed Plover and Skimmer are target birds, if high and flooding in the valley then count what you can from the causeway and consider trying to reach Lake Mofu. I can give you GPS fixes for these places.

If this in on I will send you the results form the 1995 and 2005 count.

Hope you can organise Dar north with Tony and John, some great wader and tern birding along that stretch of coast and it looks as though the spoonbills (target species) are beginning to nest on Pangavini.


Mob : +255 767 272 818

A Land Rover doesn't leak oil, it marks it's territory!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Denham's Bustard in the Southern Highlands

Further to that recent remarkable record of 3 birds on Kisolanza we have a report of 3 birds on Mutanga Farm (but one has been eaten we think) south of Kilolo (new District headquarters) on the Mtitu River and.........

This beauty was taken last night on short grass orchid meadows downs due north of the farm. Habitat that is under extreme pressure, quite amazing what's hanging in there. This is our first record from this square.

Our guys have ringed 25 Mountain Marsh Widows and 2 Blue Swallows (3 pairs close to camp) and have a Red-chested Flufftail close to camp. Lots more to come from this site including some great breeding data.


Friday, December 18, 2009

News on Beesley's Lark


Fantastic news about Beesleys, perhaps after the Manyara count we can organise an even better survey of this very rare lark as we also have to search west of the road, John Beesley's original site and where we have seen it once.

Please talk to Kapanya on 0784-772688 or 0767-772688 and to Furaha on 0754-573979 to fully involve your team in the waterbird count. KK will have transport and Furaha is familiar with counting techniques / procedures so it's important they organise this with you. You all need to sit and discuss what is possible.

Duluti not so important (and your Madagascar Squacco almost certainly just Common Squacco, esp at this time of the year when mad squacs back on their breeding grounds) and easy to count but still worth the effort. Good site for training and to begin with in January.

Arusha NP far more important, esp the EXACT number of Maccoa Ducks so every bay on Momella lakes just to make sure. So both Duluti and Arusha NP in one day please then......

Eluanata (See IBA book) (ask Daudi for the name he uses for this dam) also important, esp for Maccoa Ducks as this is on route to....

Burunge, this lake esp important if there are large numbers of Greater Flamingo (if there are lots count them carefully as this is a target species). It would also be good to know if the Blacksmith Plover numbers are still around 1,000.

and then, if you have time and there are enough of you with 2 vehicles you could count as much as possible of the Tarangire River. If you think this is possible we will discuss with TANAPA and arrange for permission to drive along the river bank.

KK, do you have a GPS ?

keep talking and planning.

EVERYONE IS INVITED TO MANYARA ON THE 31ST.... Training in counting techniques and identification of difficult waders and, if we have enough transport we will attempt a total one day count of Manyara. This has never been attempted before and it will be difficult. 50 good observers should do it so karibuni wote.


----- Original Message -----
From: zenana gasper mwacha
January 2010 waterbird counts

I've been out for the while,
I would like to participate fo Manyara,Duluti or Serengeti.
One news from the lark plain Dec 13-16 Hassani and Elfeo from
Olasiti Birding Club were able to count 37 Chersomanes beesleyi - at Lark plain.
Many cattles,sheep and goat were moved out from the plain
and some died due to drough leaving the beesleys in at least condition..
Because it was too dry and hot during the dry season insects
congregated undernearth cow dungs & herbivores dropings for shed and moisture.The beesleys were successfully feeding on them.[mostly bettles types.]
Hassani and Elfeo were doing field practice on survival course and voluntered
to walk the entire lark plain.They biked all the way up there, did local camps and ate local food after interacting with some maasai people.

Dec.22-24 lake Duluti after one hour and a half canoing
70 long t commorants
60 lesser commorants
4 giant kingfishers
8 pied kingfishers
62 common s. herons
4 streated herons
2 greater egrets
1 little egret
1 dwarf heron
2 black h.heron
2 madagascar s.heron

Momella Lakes in Arusha NP

I was at Momella Lakes in Arusha NP last weekend. I was soon
overwhelmed trying to count the flamingos (I've counted thousands of
auks on cliff ledges from a bobbing boat before, but these flamingos,
they're so mobile, they're a nightmare!). So I decided to take a
panoramic series of photos of the whole lot as I moved around the
lake, thinking that physical features on the bank behind would be
adequate to help avoid double-counting when stitching the photos
together later. I've attached an example photo; of course all the
originals are much bigger in size and higher in quality.

Firstly, would you comment on the validity/accuracy of counting them
in this way. And secondly, since it's hard to find the time to
actually sit down and do the counting, I was wondering if there is
anyone out there who would be willing to help? i.e. I can send anyone
the whole series of photos if they have a good connection and enjoy
this sort of thing...

I've attached a couple of other photos for fun


p.s. >99% of them were lessers, I guess this is normal
p.p.s. Couldn't find a single maccoa, maybe I don't know where to look...

Mystery Cisticola in Katavi

I came across a Cisticola sp. I was not familiar with yesterday – see images attached.

On first impression, it looked large, very chunky with a heavy bill, and mostly grey apart from startling white throat and supercillium, in front of the eye only. The head seemed to have little in the way of warm tones. In flight it looked very similar a weaver (i.e fast and direct) when it also showed a short tail.

I first saw two birds together and was completely stumped, and they didn’t call at all. Luckily I came across another pair 1-2km away and this time they were calling. I remembered it as “TU-tweeee” the latter note long and rising, which was repeated several times.

When I got back to camp, I checked F&S and although the plates weren’t much help, the text suggested that the call is a good fit for Chirping Cisticola. The distribution notes say it’s meant to occur at “Mumba stream” only in SW TZ. We’re not far from a place called Mamba (maybe the same?) so maybe this is just a small leap for them if they are coming in from Zambia?

maybe this is a familiar bird to you?

Cheers and best,

Adam Kennedy

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Raptors in Moshi

Dear Liz & Neil,

Nice to get back to you with some news! We hope you are keeping well!

We are back in Spain after our trip to Kenya-Tanzania...we had to sort out many things there but we had also some chances to go birding. It was great!! We have seen some interesting sightings for us that you may like to know about, like the Western Banded Snake Eagle that we (with James and Geoff) saw in TPC Moshi the 28th of October, on the same day we had a long time to observe a couple of Temminck´s Stints. Geoff and I went on the 15th of November to Arusha NP and have taken some pics of what we think is a Long-legged Buzzard...amazingly long wings!

We attach some of the pics and I will send you the full lists another day.We are having cold and maybe white Xmas this year (0 C today)...we wish you both and family a very Happy Xmas and New Year!!!

Geoff & Anabel

Hi Anabel

Happy to hear you enjoyed the visit.

These dry season Western Banded Snake Eagles in the East are really interesting and almost certainly regular visitors.

I had my first at TPC in the early 80s, then again on the upper Pangani (with a Southern Banded !!) in the mid 90s and one on SW KIli in the early 00s. They are regular in the dry Ruaha Gorge between Iringa and Mikumi but always in low numbers, just odd birds.

The nearest breeding population in the north is on Rubondo Island and in the south perhaps Katavi.

Long-legged Buzzards are more frequently recorded these days due in a large part to the improved quality of the books but can still cause problems. Not easy to see the tail pattern (an important feature) on your bird but for sure those wings are long enough. Let's see what others think.


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Olive-flanked Robin Chat (Cossypha anomala mbuluensis)

Link to soundfile:

HTML versjon (14k)

Hi all

One for the archives from Bob Sternstedt. not so many of us have seen / heard this bird. it being split ?


Temminck's Stint in Katavi

Hi All,

Seen with a Little Stint nearby yesterday at Hippo Pools close to Ikuu
ranger post. See pic attached.

I'm guessing there's not too many records this far south Neil?



Photo: Adam Kennedy

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Crowned Eagle

Just further to the crowned eagle discussion. We are currently monitoring a nest (see attached image) on Mt Rungwe, as we did last year. This started out as a means of determining how many primates and which spp (including kipunji) these birds take. Of course it became more interesting than that. Last year they were bringing in genets, hyrax, chameleons and even landsnails. This year, the eggs have not yet hatched, but we'll keep you posted.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Rufiji Delta waterbird count

Hi all

I'm just entering data from a 20 day count in the Rufiji Delta in December 2000 that I suspect is not in the literature. Olivier, your tech report 24.

You never did write up that Kelp Gull !!!!!!!!!!!!

While tough to work this is surely a place to spend a couple of weeks in a well kitted out camp (cold beers essential in that heat) with two decent boats.

highlights from this December count include

Curlew Sandpiper 16,043
Crab Plover 3,402
Terek Sandpiper 2,884
Gull-billed Tern 3,427
Lesser Crested Tern 1,939
Caspian Tern 173
Eurasian Curlew 265
Pink-backed Pelican 286
Dimorphic Egret 246
White-fronted Sandplover 347


Friday, December 4, 2009

Wildlife trade raping Africa

I don't suppose the RSPB or Birdlife will want to read this. I wrote to the RSPB in 1983 suggesting there was a problem with bird exports from Tanzania.... 25 years of doing nothing, zillions of dead birds later. In 93 at the Rossenheim conference that brought BL into being any talk of trade was quickly squashed, the good guys on the RSPB team were not even allowed to officially talk about it. The theme was, let's be nice to governments and then they will listen to us... how naive can one get yet this sort of PC thinking still dominates the conservation movement. Children at play.


thanks Clive for passing this one along. Photo: Wildlife Extra
See whole article here;

Wildlife trade raping Africa – Hundreds of species for sale on the internet

02/12/2009 14:54:25

Secretaty birds are listed for sale at $2000. Credit Wildlife Extra

$1,500 for a Zebra - Nile monitor $10 - Secretary bird $2000
November 2009. We were recently approached by a Tanzanian wildlife dealer, offering us an eye-wateringly wide range of species. Although it is not currently legal to import wild birds into the UK (This was not implemented with any thought for wildlife, but because of bird flu.), it is still legal in many countries. We were shocked and amazed by the species that are available.

When we followed up by feigning interest in buying some of the species, by questioning how it was possible to get export licences for some of these species. The wildlife trader who approached us assured us that "In our country there is no problem, all things are possible. If you are sure to get import permit in your country for that species, we can do business without any problem, we need to be serious both of us. If you will provide money I will do whatever you want me to do."

Zebra are offered for $1500.
Untrustworthy and criminal

One consolation was that while looking for more information, we found a website forum for wildlife traders and buyers. Almost the whole forum is taken up with people slagging each other off, either for not providing the goods even though they had been paid, or for not paying once they had received the goods. Wildlife Extra was delighted to read what an untrustworthy bunch both sides of this equation are.

BIRDS for sale

African darter - Anhinga rufa $100
African fish eagle - haliaeetus ocifer $600
Augur buzzard - buteo rufofuscus $1800
Abdimin stork - ciconia abdimii $90
African citril - serinus citrinelloed $2.50
African golden oriole - oriolus auratus $15
African hoopoe - upapa epops africana $50
African spoonbill - platalea alba $80
African jacana - actophilornis africanus $10
Bateleur - terathopius ecaudatus $10
Barefaced go away bird - corythaixoides personata $20
Black crake - limnocorax flavirostra $ 20
Black and white mannkin - poensis $1
Black faced waxbill - estrilda erythronotos $2
Blacksmith plover vanellus armatus $15
Black headed oriole - oriolus larvatus $20
Black winged bishop -euplectes hordeacea $1.50
Black capped - uraeginthus cyanocephalus $1.50
Blue naped mousebird- urocolius macrourus $4
Cardinal quelea - quelea cardinalis $1
Carmine Bee-eater- merops nubicus $15
Cattle egret -bubulcus ibis $30
Chestnut banded sandplover-charadrius pallidus $20
Cinammon - breasted rock buntingemberiza tahapisi$1.50
Commonwaxbill - Estrilda astrild $1
Creasted Guinea fowls - guttera edouardi $40
Crimson rumped waxbill- Estrilda rhodopyga $ 1.50
Crowned plover - vanellus coronatus $15
Crowned crane - Balearia regulorum $500
Coqi francolin - francollinus coqui $50
Cult - throat - Amadina fasciata $2.50
Darnauds Barbet - Trachyphonus darnaudii $5
Emerald spotted wood dove- turtur chalcospilos $5
Egyptian goose alopochen aegyptiacus $40
Golden - breasted bunting - Emberiza flaviventris $2
Golden - breasted stalling - cosmopsarus regius $15
Greater flamingo - phoenicopterus rubber $220
Green pigeon - treron australis $10
Green backed twinsport - mandingoa nitidula $4
Green winged pytilia - pytilia melba $2.50
Grey headed silverbill - odontospiza canicepsi $2
Grey headed social weaver - pseudonigrita arnaudi $2.50
Ground hornbill - bucorvus leadbeateri $220
Goliath heron - ardea goliath $300
Hamerkop - scopus umbretta $35
Hartiaubs Turaco - tauraco hartlaubi $30
Helmeted Guineafowl - Numida meleagris $50
Hadada ibis - hagedashia hagedash $80
Indian house crow - corvus spelendenens $20
Sacred ibis - threskiornis aethiopicus $30
Kori bustard - ardeotis kori $600
Laughing dove - streptopelia senegalensis $15
Lesser bustard - $200

Lesser flamingo - phoenicopterus monor $120
Lilac-breasted roller -coracias caudata $15
Living stone turaco - tauraco livingstonii $30
Long tailed crmorant- phalacrocorax africunus $60

Martial eagle - polemaetus bellicosus $2600

Marabou stork - leptoptilos crumeniferus $250
Montane white - eyes - zosterops poliogaster $3
Mourning dove - streptopelia decipiens $5
Namaqua dove - oena capensis $5
Nubian vulture - torgos tracheliotus $2000
Open bill stork - anastomus lamellilgerus $80
Paradise whydah - steganura paradisaea $2
Peters Twinsport - hypargos niveoguttatus $5
Pied crow - corvus albus $25
Pin-tailed whydah - vidua macroura $3
Purple grenadier - uraenginthus ianthionogaster $5
Quallfinch - ortygospiza atricol $3
Red-and yellow barbet - trachyphonus erythocephalus $7
Red - billed firefinch- lagonosticta senegala $3
Red billed teal - anas erythrorhyncha $25
Red bishop - euplectes orix $2.50
Red cheeked cordonblue - uraeginthus bengalus $3.50
Red cheeked spurfowl- francolinus afer $40
Red knobbed coot- fulica cristata $20
Ring necked dove-streptopeliacapicola $25
Rufous crowned roller- coracias naevia $25
Saddlebill stork - ephippiorhynchus $ 850
Secretary bird- sagittarius serpentarius $2000
Silverbill -euodice malabarica $5
Silvery cheeked hornbill -bycanistes brevis $ 30
Speckeled fronted weaver- sporopipes flontaris $3.50
Speckle mousebird - colius striatus $80
Spotted egle owl- bubo africanus $80
Spur winged goose- plectropterus gambensis $40
Squacco heron- ardeola ralloides $40
Standard winged night ja- macrodipteryx longipennis$20
Steel - blue whydah - vidua hypocherina $2
Straw -tailed whydah - vidua hypocherina $2
Straw - tailed whydah - vidua fischeri $3.50
Streakey seedeaater - serinus striolatus $7
Super starling- spreo superbus $30
Trumpeter hornbill- bycanistes bucinator $50
Tambourine dove- bycanistes bucinator $8000
Vulturine guineafowl - acryllium vulturinum $30
Whale headed stork-balaeniceps rex $45
Watted starling- creatophora cinerea $55
Wattled ibis - canary - serinus dorsotritus $2.50
Whitebilled - go- away - corythaixoides leucogaster $20
White faced whistling duck - dendrocygna viduata $20
White pelecan - pelecanus onocrotalus $130
Woolly necked stork- ciconia episcopis $90
Yellow billed stork - mycteria ibis $100
Yellow bishop - euplectes capensis $3.50
Yellow billed - waxbill - estrilda melanotis $3.50
Yellow fronted canary - serinus mozambicus $3.50
Yellow - rumped seed-eater-serinus atrogularis $3.50
Yellow - sholdered widowbird-euplectes macrocercus $3
Yellow necked spurfowl francolin $30
Yellow throated sand grouse pterocles gutturalis $20
Zanzibar red bishop- euplectus 2.50


Bush pig Potamochoerus porcus $1,000
Plain Zebra Equus burchellii $1,500
Smith Bush squirrel Paraxerus cepapi $100
Ground squirrel Paraxerus ochraceus $100
Tree squirrel Paraxerus ochraceus $100
South African crested porcupine Hystrixafricae-australis$300
North-African crested porcupine Hystrix cristata $280
Spring Hare Pedetes capensis $200
Spotted hyena Crocuta crocuta $1000
African Wild cat Felis silvestris $350
Serval cat Felis serval $4000
Small spotted genet Geneta tigena $300
Rusty spotted genet Geneta tigrina $400
East African civet civettictis civetta $300
Four toed hedgehog erinaceuse albirentris $50
Rock hyrax Procavia capensis $250
Tree hyrax Dendrohyrax capensis $250
Elephant shrew Elephantus brachyhyncus $250
Dwarf mongoose Helogale parvula $250
White tailed mongoose Ichneumia albicauda $350
Banded mongoose Mungos mungo $350
Ratel/Honey badger Mallivora capensis $600
Zorila Ictonyx striatus $1,000
Cape clawsless otter Aonyx capensis $1,200
Spotted-necked otter Lutra macullicolis $1000
Cane rat Phrynomys imhaus $200
Aardvark orycteropus cafer $3500
Vervet monkey $150
Blue monkey $250
Yellow baboon Papio anubis $400
Olive baboon papio cynocephalus $400
Impala aephyceros melampus $300
Tomson's Gazelle gazella thomsonii $300
Grant gazelle gazelle granti $450
Widebeest connnochaetes taurinus $800
Kirki's Dik-dik madoqua kirkii $200
Common duiker sylvicapra grimmia $380
African clawless otter Aonyx capensis $800


Garden centipede (Lithobius forticatus) $3
Centipede (Necrophloephagus flavus) $3
Giant peruvian (Scolopendra gigantea) $4
Home centipede (Scutigera coleoptrata) $3
Flat centipede $3
Red headed centipede (Scolopendridae family) $3
Flag tail centipede $4
Yellow legged centipede $3
Assorted centipede $2.50
Black giant $2
Black millipedes $2
Chocolate legged $2
Fire millipedes $3
Green body millipede $3
Pink body $2.50
Pinky legged $2
Red body $2
Red-legged millipedes $3
Small black $2
Small yellow stripped $2
Tanzania bill bug $3
White legged $2
Yellow-legged millipede $2
Grass Hoppers chorthippus spp $4
Common large grasshopper anthracis ruficornis $4
Dictyphorus spumans (order must exceed 60hds) $10
Lubber grasshopper - brachystola magna $5
Melanoplus bivittatus $3
Phymateus leprosus $4
Phymateus morbillosus $4
Phymateus morbillosus $3
Short horned G. Hopper - acrida bicolor $2
Short horned G. Hopper acrida spp $3
Zonocerus elegans $5

African flower mantis - Pseudocreobroter spp $2
African giant mantis $3
Idolomantis- $20
African mantis - sphodromantis lineola $3
African twig mantis - Popa spurca $3
Parasphendale affinis $4
Sphofromantis centralis $3

African black scorpion-pandinus africanus $2
Assorted scorpions $2
Common earwig-Frticular auricularia $3
East African Spitting scorpion $4
Emperor scorpions -pandinus imperator $2
Flat back scorpion- centuroides gracilis $4
Flat rock scorpion-Hedogenes troglodytes $3
Giant black scorpion- heterometrus longimanus $5
Hotenttotta trilineatus $5
Red claw scorpion- pandinus cavimanus $4
Tail less whip scorpion - damon variegates $5
Tanzania spitting scorpion- parabuthus liosoma $4
Water scorpion $5
Yellow banded flat rock- Bufoalvarius $3
Jav forest scorpion - hetrometrus javnensis $4
Thai black scorpion- hetermetrus spinifer $5
Red burrowing scorpion- opistophthalmus glbrifrons

African giant baboon spider hysterocrates spp $10
Black tarantula plerinochilus spp $5
Black trapdoor spider stassimopus roberti $6
Daddy long leg pholcus phalangioides $3
Garden spider araneus spp $3.50
Grey baboon spider selonocosmia spp $5
Hairy legged spider stromatopelma calceata $6
House spider amaurobius similis $4
Kilimanjaro spider plerinochilus weidenmanni $6
King baboon spider citharischius crawshayi $10
Orange baboon spider selonocosmia javanensis $6
Pink toe like avicularia $8
Red devil spider $6
Red trapdoor spider gorgyrella spp $5
Water spider oryronetidae family $5


Clawed gecko = holodactylus africanus usd $2
Bibron's thick-toed gecko =pachydactilus bibronii usd $2
Tete thick-toed gecko = pachydactilus tetensis $2
Angulated dwarf gecko = lygodactylus angularis $2.50
Cape dwarf gecko = lygodactylus angularis $2.50
Yellow headed dwarf gecko = lygodatylus luteopicturatus $2.50
Green day gecko =phelsuma dubia $4
Teopical house gecko = hemidactylus mabouia $2
Usambara forest gecko = chemaspis africana $2
Mwanza rock agama = agama mwanzae $2.50
Red headed rock agama agama agama $2.50
Eastern tropical spiny agama= agama aculeata $2.50

Common flap necked chameleon- chamaeleo dilepsi $8
Gracile chameleon - chamaeleo gracilis $8
Giant one horned chameleon -chamaeleo melleri $30
Side striped chameleon - chamaeleo bitaeniatus $8
Rwenzori side striped chameleon- chamaeleo rudis $ 8
Meru three horned chameleon --chamaeleo jacksoni merumontana $45
Weners three honed chameleon- chameleo werneri = $10
Usambara three horned chameleon- chamaeleo deremensis $ 30
Fischers two horned chameleon- bradypodion fischeri $6
Bearded pigmy chameleon-rhampholeleo brevicaudas $4.50
Taveta 2 horned chameleon-bradypodion tavetanum $7
Kenya pigmy chameleon - rhampoloen kerstenii $3.50
Speckled lipped skink - mabuya maculilabris $2.50
Short necked skink - mabuya previcolis $2
Long tail skink - mabuya planifrons $2.50
Southern skink - mabuya quinquetaniata $2.50
Variable skink - mabuya varia $2
Common striped skink - mabuya striata $2.50
Sundevalls writhing skink - lygosoma sundevalii $2
Peters writhing skink - lygosoma afer - $2.50
Teita limbless skink - acontias percivali $5
Bouleners s skink - mabuya boulengeri $2
Jacksons forest lizard - adolfus jacksoni $3
Eastern serrate toed tree agama - holaspis guentheri $2
Boulengers scrub lizard nucras boulengeri $3
Southern long tail lizard - latastia longicaudata $2

Southern tawny plated lizard - gerrhosaurus major $6
Black line plated lizard - gerrhosaurusnigrolineatus $6
Yellow throated plated lizard gerrhosaurus flavilaris $5
Eastern african spiny tailed lizard cordylus tropidosternum $4

Nile monitor varanus niloticus $10
Southern savanna monitor - varanus albigularis $30
Eastern schlegels blin snake - typhlops schelegelii $15
African rock phython - python sebae natalensis $40
Puffadder - bitis arientas $70
Eastern gaboon viper -bitis gabonica $80
Greater lake bush viper - atheris nitschei $80
Snouted night adder - causus defilippii $40
Rhombic night adder - causus rhombeatus $25
Bibrons stilleto snake - atractaspis bibrionii $40
Egyptian cobra - naja haje haje $70
Forest cobra - naja melanoleuca $70
Black necked spitting cobra - naja nigricolis $60
Red spitting cobra naja pollida $100
Mozambique spitting cobra naja mossambica $100
Black mamba dendroaspis polylepis $100
Eastern green mamba dendroaspis angusticeps $100
Thirteen scaled snake philothamnus carinatus $20
Variable green snake philothamnus heterodernus $15
Southern green snake philothamnus hoplogaster $15
Batterbys green snake philothamnus angolensis $15
Angola green snake philothamnus angolensis $15
Ornaate green snake philothamnus ornatus $15
Slender green snake philothamnus heterolepidotus $10
Loveridges green snake philothamnus nitidus $10
Boomslang dispholidus typus $30
Common house snake dasypelties scabra $25
Common house snake lamprophis fuliginosus $25
Leopard tortoises $50
Pan cake tortoise $60
Aldabra tortoises $1500

Pigmy leaf folding frog afrixalus pygmaeus $2.50
Fornasini's leaf frog afrixalus fornasinii $2.50
Golden sedge frog hyperolius punctulatus $2.50
Marbled reed frog hyperolius marmoratus $2.50
Viridiflavian reed frog hyperolius viridiflavus $2
Bubbling kassina kassina senegalisis $2.50
Colored reed frog large hyperolius $2
Argus tree frog hyperolius argus $2.50
Tiniker tree frog hyperoliussp $2.50
Grey tree frog chiromantis xerampelina $2.50
Banaana tree frog ardeolia rallordes $2.50
Mascrene green frog pthchadena mascareniesis $2.50
Puddle frog phrynobatrachus natalensis $2.50
Pyxi bull frog phrynomerus bifasciatus $3.50
Red banded frog phrynomerus bifasciatus $2
Shovel nose frog hemisus marmoratum $2
Square marked frog bufo regularis $2
Large green tree frog chiromantis xeramphilina $2
Ornate frog hildebrandtia ornata $2
Jumping frog ptychadena spp $200
Forest tree frog leptopelis argenteus $2
Red legged kassina kassina maculat $2.50
Pfeffer's burrowing frog leptopeltis argenteus $2.50
Bocage's burrowing frog leptopelis bocagii $2.50
Hilderbrandt's burrowing frog hildabrandtia ornata $2.50
Dusky throated rana rana angolensis $2.50
Golden backed frog hylarana galamensis $2.50
Groove crowned bull frog rana occipitalis $2.50
Tremolo sand frog tomoptema tuberculosa $2.50
Mozambiqui rain frog breviceps mossambicus $2.50
Parkers reed frog hyperolius parkeri $2.50
Common toad bufo gutturalis $2.50
Red toed frog bufo carens $2.50
White foam nest tree frog chiromantis petersi $2.50
Long toed frog strongylopus fasciatus $2.50
Tuberculate sand frog temopterna tuberculosa $2
Transparent reed frog hyperolius pusillus $2
Red eyed yellow frog leptopelis spp $2
Ruby eyed tree frog leptopelis uluguruensis $3
African giant snail helix aspersa $5

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