Friday, December 18, 2009

News on Beesley's Lark


Fantastic news about Beesleys, perhaps after the Manyara count we can organise an even better survey of this very rare lark as we also have to search west of the road, John Beesley's original site and where we have seen it once.

Please talk to Kapanya on 0784-772688 or 0767-772688 and to Furaha on 0754-573979 to fully involve your team in the waterbird count. KK will have transport and Furaha is familiar with counting techniques / procedures so it's important they organise this with you. You all need to sit and discuss what is possible.

Duluti not so important (and your Madagascar Squacco almost certainly just Common Squacco, esp at this time of the year when mad squacs back on their breeding grounds) and easy to count but still worth the effort. Good site for training and to begin with in January.

Arusha NP far more important, esp the EXACT number of Maccoa Ducks so every bay on Momella lakes just to make sure. So both Duluti and Arusha NP in one day please then......

Eluanata (See IBA book) (ask Daudi for the name he uses for this dam) also important, esp for Maccoa Ducks as this is on route to....

Burunge, this lake esp important if there are large numbers of Greater Flamingo (if there are lots count them carefully as this is a target species). It would also be good to know if the Blacksmith Plover numbers are still around 1,000.

and then, if you have time and there are enough of you with 2 vehicles you could count as much as possible of the Tarangire River. If you think this is possible we will discuss with TANAPA and arrange for permission to drive along the river bank.

KK, do you have a GPS ?

keep talking and planning.

EVERYONE IS INVITED TO MANYARA ON THE 31ST.... Training in counting techniques and identification of difficult waders and, if we have enough transport we will attempt a total one day count of Manyara. This has never been attempted before and it will be difficult. 50 good observers should do it so karibuni wote.


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From: zenana gasper mwacha
January 2010 waterbird counts

I've been out for the while,
I would like to participate fo Manyara,Duluti or Serengeti.
One news from the lark plain Dec 13-16 Hassani and Elfeo from
Olasiti Birding Club were able to count 37 Chersomanes beesleyi - at Lark plain.
Many cattles,sheep and goat were moved out from the plain
and some died due to drough leaving the beesleys in at least condition..
Because it was too dry and hot during the dry season insects
congregated undernearth cow dungs & herbivores dropings for shed and moisture.The beesleys were successfully feeding on them.[mostly bettles types.]
Hassani and Elfeo were doing field practice on survival course and voluntered
to walk the entire lark plain.They biked all the way up there, did local camps and ate local food after interacting with some maasai people.

Dec.22-24 lake Duluti after one hour and a half canoing
70 long t commorants
60 lesser commorants
4 giant kingfishers
8 pied kingfishers
62 common s. herons
4 streated herons
2 greater egrets
1 little egret
1 dwarf heron
2 black h.heron
2 madagascar s.heron

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