Tuesday, August 10, 2010

August safari notes

some safari bird notes:
Aug 3-9:  2 game drives in Manyara, then to Serengeti Serena and all around Seronera for 2 days, then 2 crater tours, yielded:
2 Secretary birds (1 was 16km S of Seronera, 1 on nest at SNP/NCA border x main road)
Many Kori bustard in Crater (guess at least 50) and on plains
Many Crowned cranes in Crater (guess > 200). Lots of pairs accompanied by grown chicks. Am going back next week and will try & count better.
Ostriches mating in Crater.

David Bygott

Would be good to count those Crowned Cranes, numbers for both adults and young please.

Does anyone have any ideas where these 100 or so pairs of Grey Crowned Cranes are breeding ? we have VERY few records of pairs with chicks.


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