Friday, January 8, 2010

Heavy flooding in Kilosa and Shinyanga!

For those of you out counting waterbirds, be aware!

From ippmedia: See link above for full story;

"It is meanwhile reported that 429 people have been rendered homeless following downpours in Bariadi District, Shinyanga Region.

According to Bariadi district executive director Digamagariga Sedoyeka, the destructive rains ran on for some five hours non-stop and left many households homeless and short of food and other basic needs.

The worst affected areas include Saranda, Kidinda, Lubeka, Jipoya, Viwandani, Kisesa, Igongwa, Nyankaka and Imalaseko, he said.

“Before this disaster, most households had enough food but things are different now. Virtually all the foods has been washed away or rendered unfit for human consumption by the floods,” elaborated the DED.

He said that various agencies have moved in and extended humanitarian assistance to the people affected by the floods “but we would appreciate much more material and other help because the problem is very serious”.

The district council is reported to have chipped in with emergency supplies, chiefly maize and beans, as more formal assistance is awaited.

Sedoyeka further explained that the rains also made Bariadi River burst its banks “which threw into disuse the pipes meant to supply Bariadi town with tap water”.

Meanwhile, President Jakaya Kikwete yesterday sent a message of condolence to victims of the massively destructive floods in Kilosa District, Morogoro Region, which have left a number of people dead and wreaked havoc on houses and infrastructure.

At least 813 houses have been destroyed so far and 4,819 others are surrounded by flood water, leaving thousands of people without shelter.

Most of the flood victims are putting up in makeshift structures in different parts of the district.

Delivering the message, Morogoro Regional Commissioner Lt Col (rtd) Issa Machibya said the president was hugely saddened by the damage caused by the floods over the last week.

More than 9,000 people have been rendered homeless since floods started incessantly hitting Kilosa District.

The RC said the number had increased from 8,008 four days ago and all the homeless are accommodated in 15 camps."

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