Monday, January 18, 2010

Yaida birding - Af Broadbill, Gideru Ridge

this sms in from Jo Anderson

First exciting record for 2010, Af Broadbill, Gideru Ridge, Yaeda. Also Saker and lots of great birds. Yaeda valley open WATER.

This is the first record from 3503C, the nearest being from Manyara NP in 3503B and D.

Most records from Yaida have come from Daudi Peterson (an amazing 6,563 from a square total of 9,410). Daudi, did you ever bird this site Jo mentions ?

Jo. hopefully you have Georeferenced this locality.

Would be good to have a feel for waterbird numbers in Yaida, breeding could be important as the water recedes and the vegetation grows. Do keep an eye out for Black-necked Grebes.


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