Monday, March 28, 2011

Please help with this Kitulo Pipit!

Please help with this Pipit!
And RN Lark attached as an example.

Paul Oliver
Box 425
Why is this NOT a Grassland Pipit ? hind claw looks good (would prefer it to be longer though) and those pale, close to white, tips to the secondary (greater) wing coverts suggest a juv / immature bird. Bill looks OK. There is tremendous variation in this bird, even within local populations. The classic STANDARD Anthus cinnamomeus hardly exists and it's VERY difficult for field guides to even begin to depict the variations.
If it's at all possible pipits can be more dificult than cisticolas so anyones comments on this individual would be most welcome.
I find the Faansie Peacock (2006) Pipits of Southern Africa to be really useful.
and yes, this high altitude race of Rufous-naped Lark has very dark, almost black upperparts.
as ever, great pics. 

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