Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dar birding past week oct09

just a few obs from this past week or so in Dar.
Black Heron. the flock roosting on Pangavini and feeding in the Jangwani-Kunduchi salt pans is at least 35 birds, quite good for Dar. Worn primaries on many birds, could they be breeding on Pangavini ? JD ? no regular movement between shore and island at the mo but not much time spent looking.
Honey Buzzard, a single bird being mobbed by House Crows (inevitably) last week.
Collared Sunbird, nest building on the Peninsular in a garden that has 2 crow traps, a very good sign. Also 2 Spectacled Weavers in the same garden.
Osprey, a single bird over the Jangwani - Kunduchi salt pans on Sunday.
Black Kite (no bins, not sure if black or yellow-billed) quite a rare bird in Dar these days.
Black Cuckoo Shrike, a female on Sunday at Kunduchi.
White-browed Robin Chat, singing from many gardens, quite remarkable that this and the Spotted Morning Thrush do so well.
Blue-naped Mousebird. I suspect this Dar population is a result of escapees / releases from the bird trade. Often seen in the Kunduchi Salt Pans area.
helps to keep one sane in this mad mad city...............
Neil and Liz Baker, Tanzania Bird Atlas, P.O. Box 1605, Iringa, Tanzania. Mobiles: 0776-360876 and 0776-360864. Subscribe to:

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