Thursday, October 22, 2009

Scarce Swifts

Hi Malcolm
Typically we have far smaller flocks than this, not sure I've ever seen many more than 50 off Meru or Kili and that's in ideal conditions feeding around a storm build up or after rain. Less than 30 would be the norm and often slightly less than this. Same applies for flocks off the Udzungwas, only a single record over the edge of Mikumi NP, our best watched site in the Eastern Arc.
This going out to our group to ask for comments.
Louis, Trev, ever any large flocks ? ever any suspected breeding activity ? these birds ngumu to get close to. Usually just vocalisations as they click overhead. Trev, pole sana hope you OK.
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Hi all

I just found an old entry in my notes from 12 June 08 Uwinka, Nyungwe Forest Rwanda where I had a flock of 100's (7-800) of what I think were Scarce Swifts. They were very high up and seemed to be reacting (moving through) to a low-pressure cloud system coming in. Among them I did manage to id 6 Mottled Spinetails which were not on the Park list. Anyone else seen this kind of congregations with Scarce Swifts in the area (tropical highland forest)?

Cheers all

Malcolm Wilson

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