Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Migrant dates from the Selous

great stuff Onesmo, keep these records coming.

African Hobby is widespread but quite scarce. It occurs in wetter habitat,
avoiding the dry central plateau and most of the Miombo woodland belt. Like
other hobbies it uses old nests of crows. Yes, it could breed with you and
persistent calling is a feature of their territorial defense against
anything even slightly larger than themselves.

Do look out for birds flying to the nest carrying food.

Will send a new map soon.

You need to buy the Zimmerman, Turner, Pearson guide and the Sinclair & Ryan
guide. Very useful to compare with some of the features in S&F.

yes, Paul having fun........



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Hi Neil here are the dates.
Cockoo Hawk 25.9.09.
African Hobby 15.09.09.
Eurasian BE. 25.9.09
Swallow tailed BE 23.9.09
Madagascar BE 30.9.09
Broad BR 23.9.09
Barn Swallow 23.9.09
Great Snipe 29.9.09.
No sign of tern yet . and the book i use is Terry Stevenson and John
Now do Africa hooby nest here? there is one calling alot and make me
think is may be nesting.
Long time not see Mr Oliver but it sounds like he is having fun.

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