Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Euro roller and Euro bee-eaters in Olasiti

October 2nd , Eurassian rollers has arrived in Olasiti near Dorobo woodland patch.
They prefer open woodland/farmland with scattered tree and particularly in exotic plantations. [Real Europeans] They seems solitary and makes the loudiest calls in a characteristic flight display.
Neil Baker et tout les monde: is this a courtship 'pheremone' /breeding season or group/pair organising behaviour? It is the same for the Euro bee eaters in the morning and everning.Any support please!
October 2nd ; a flock of about 100 white rumped swallows together with
Plain martins and Nyanza swifts.
- 2 African harrier awk in a confirmed mating in Dorobo lowland forest.
- Euro- Oriole in Olasiti

October 4th: Euro-be number has increased rapidly. 100-200 individuals.
Grey cuccoo shrikes numbers has dropled drastically with an increasing number of Sulpher breasted bush shrike and black cuccoo shrikes in Dorobo woodland.

We are extending our strides to the far driest sides of the village and nearby villages to learn more.
Olasiti Birding Club

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