Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hoopoe and Common Sandpiper

Hi Neil and trev,

Attached are some photos of the Hoopoe. I have studied the plates in Zimmermann, Fanshaw and Heinzel et al (birds of GB, Europe & N Africa). I think I see the white band in the primary and a some white/pale buff below the black tips of the crest. It was feeding like crazy on bugs in the dry red soils whilst all the resident valhalla birds were taking a break out out of the sun. So it behaved also like a hungry migrant.

Also attached is a wader from a mangrove creek in Sadaani nr. tent with a view lodge in the north (list to follow). Think this may be a Temmink's stint.

Also saw a LB Roller on the peninsular and a falcon (peregrine?).

Cheers for now Andy

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I hope you mean African Hoopoe, the pale bird, not the dark Eurasian bird.

check the books for the amount of white on the wings.


18 Black Herons moved off the Jangwani Salt Pans yesterday evening to roost on Pangavini. magical in low light as they flew <100m away and below me.


a huge Peregrine, early for a Siberian and it was rather dark above, not a silver adult, hopefully it will take up residence. Waders not so happy though !!


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